Mayor Ed Malloy Urges Support for the Completion of the Eco Barn

Executive Director, Bob Ferguson, caught up with Mayor Ed Malloy at his office to discuss the capital campaign underway to complete construction of the SEED Center Eco Barn. Mayor Malloy emphasized that our community has always risen to the occasion to support the development of unique amenities for our community like the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, The Fairfield Loop Trail, The Maasdam Barns and Roosevelt Recreation Center, to name just a few. The Eco Barn at the SLC SEED Center is taking its place as a unique and iconic Fairfield community gather place and eco-tourism attraction. We are raising $20,000 to complete the final phase of construction on the south porch area including solariums, a second bathroom, mechanical room for the advanced lithium iron battery to be integrated into our solar energy system, final HVAC, plumbing and kitchen finish. Amenities will also include a fully integrated Zoom Room video conferencing facility so the Eco Barn can go the world and the world can come to the Eco Barn.