In Place Impact Stuart Valentine, Impact Investment Advisor

In Place Impact Stuart Valentine, Impact Investment Advisor from Centered Wealth on Vimeo.

Every Individual and their respective community is facing the challenge of how to respond appropriately to the myriad challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. At the 2023 Earth Day celebrations held in Fairfield, Iowa, Stuart maps out an In Place Impact model to illustrate how far down the road Fairfield has come in building a broad-based “sustainability culture” and the Herculean work ahead! The In Place Impact model maps an accessible roadmap for each of us to consider for our own path towards hopeful engagement in service of the communities we call home.

Strategic Enhancement of the Local Food System

Strategic Enhancement of the Local Food System from Centered Wealth on Vimeo.

Stuart Valentine sits down with Sustainable Living Coalition Co-Director Bob Ferguson for a dialogue on the SLC’s role in working to strategically enhance the local food system – a challenge relevant to any local community with a desire to generate a more robust local food economy.

Community Currency

Money, just like any other invention, can be redesigned to better fit our needs. In this interview I speak with Stuart Valentine, an expert in sustainable finance and investing, and a board member of the Sustainable Living Coalition in Fairfield lowa.
Here we dive into the features of a “dual currency system,” which could reward local volunteerism, support unemployed or impoverished individuals, and keep local economies healthy.

Our Waste Problem

Nature does not produce a landfill, so why do we? In this interview we hear from Sustainable Living Coalition board member and impact investor Stuart Valentine on the origins of plastics, failures in our domestic recycling infrastructure, and some innovative solutions to our growing landfills.

Make-Your-Own Winter Decor Workshop

Make-Your-Own Winter Decor Workshop

$20 registration fee (pre-registration required)

Locally foraged materials supplied

Some tools and accent materials provided

Please bring gloves, any accent ornamentals, additional foraged materials, and tools you would prefer to use

Light refreshments provided

Sunday, December 4th

1 pm – 4 pm

Register here

A Celebration of Bob Ferguson’s birthday and Fairfield Sustainability Achievements and Action Plans

Jenny Sammons & Andy Toepel in Concert

Upcoming Sustainability Plans and Projects • Sustainability Coordinator Rachel Hillier