Forum for the Future of Fairfield

How other Iowa communities are solving challenges like those facing Fairfield.

Josh Mandelbaum, Senior Attorney, Environmental Law and Policy Center, Des Moines City Councilman
Gina Bell, Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Dubuque
Jeff Geerts, Iowa Economic Development Association, West Union Green Streets Initiative
Merry Rankin, Joint Sustainability Director for the City of Ames and the Iowa State University

Sponsored in part by: The City of Fairfield, Fairfield Resiliency Project, Southeast Iowa Sierra Club, Humanities Iowa*, Iowa Sierra Club, Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, Seven Roses Inn, Sustainable Living Coalition, Fairfield Accounting Services, Fairfield Food Collective, AERON Community Task Force

SILT Celebration of the Anderson Prairie Farm

Jim and Sara Anderson’s farm is the first SILT protected farm in Jefferson County. Sara and Jim will live and enjoy their land, and after they pass Sustainable Iowa Land Trust will already hold the deed. The land will be made available to a farm family to grow nutrient-dense food for residents of Jefferson County.

Dr. Ray Meylor on Restorative Farming at the Eco Barn

Second Annual Earth Day at the Eco Barn

On Saturday, April 20 we celebrated Earth Day at the Eco Barn with more than 100 guests who attended our day of education and fun.

Brian Devore – Wildly Successful Farming at the EcoBarn

Thursday Oct 18 6:30 PM – Pot Luck and Community Discussion – Permaculture and Food Security

Join us for another Pot Luck and Community Discussion on Thursday,  October 18 at 6:30 PM at the Eco Barn.

This is what our speaker, Scott Vlaun, has to say about permaculture and food security.

“Our current industrialized food system is falling short in many ways. It is failing to feed a hungry world, is degrading to land and farmers and is a major contributor to the climate crisis. Permaculture Design holds the promise of regenerating our farmland, sequestering carbon, providing a more nutrient dense diet, empowering small farmers, and rebuilding communities.”

Join Scott Vlaun, Executive Director of the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy in Norway, Maine and Permaculture teacher at MUM for a slide presentation and discussion exploring the perils of our current system and taking a look at how some large scale permaculture sites in the region are becoming models for sustainability and regional food security.